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Holiday Blog # 7 – Hazel Bridge Book Listmania

Somehow eBooks Bridge… or is it Bridge eBooks? Never mind. Anyway, they forgot to ask MOI for my favorite bridge books. But, dear readers don’t despair, here are my favorite favorite bridge books.

25 Conventions You Should Know by Barbara Seagram and someone else: I mean really now, do not just tell me you play Jacoby 2NT and then not know the responses. You have to actually read the book; carrying it in your handbag is not good enough.

Inferences At Bridge by Marshall Miles (is he really 80 plus? Oh Marshall, we love you!): Why haven’t those nice people at Master Point Press made this into software? Maybe it’s because to really figure out what your opponents have you need to stare at them. It works for me. If you can’t decide whether the finesse is on, lead the card and wait a long, long time. Then if they don’t blink they have the card.

Now Michael Lawrence writes the best books and he has a new edition out:

The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge (2nd edition). I gave P. the first edition but he buried it and then couldn’t find it in the spring. Besides, he doesn’t play bridge any more. Great present for a BRIDGE PLAYING SPOUSE.

So P., I am thinking of giving you a book by Roselyn T. It’s called How to Not Play Bridge With Your Spouse and Still Manage to Stay Married.

Now for Wally I am definitely getting him Practice Your Slam Bidding (the software). Wally doesn’t actually read books, but put it on a computer and Bob Nutt is your uncle. Besides, he is against playing any contract below the 5 level.

For myself I thought about Roman Keycard Blackwood the 98th edition. But that would only work if I was stranded on a desert island and had NOTHING else to do. So I went with Sabine Auken’s book I Love This Game. Sabine and I have at least 2 things in common. We are both female and we both love bridge.

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